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Fact 019: A Smoker Would Theoretically Have To Consume Nearly 1,500 Pounds Of Marijuana Within About 15 Minutes To Die Of An Overdose

About one-quarter of the world’s population have tried smoking or smoked marijuana at least once in their lifetime. Although this amount of weed is very impossible to be smoked by someone within fifteen minutes, to any human it is just physically impossible even the rap artiste Snoop Dogg cannot dare. It is impossible and the reason being how the brain functions, if a person smokes marijuana, the plant chemicals moves into the nervous system then to the brain and latch onto cannaboid receptors which is a molecule. These holding cells stimulates pleasure, cognition, coordination, memory and others which explains why getting stoned affects rational thinking and also behavior. However, no record has shown that someone has died via consuming a lethal overdose of such ungodly large amount of marijuana. Individuals that engage in the use of cannabis are likely to have impaired judgments which might put themselves in a risky situation because of the psychoactive element present in marijuana which is responsible for individuals getting high, i.e. the powerful intoxicant THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, hemp has low THC content. There are reports that says an individual can die of cardiac arrest even if the particular amount of marijuana in question is not consumed. Therefore abuse of marijuana is a potential cause of death although not certain or concluded but it is considered to be on the list of causes of cardiac arrest. Besides the abuse of cannabis, an individual is likely to be killed by the overdose of aspirin however ingesting a fatal dose of a thousand five hundred pounds of marijuana in fifteen minutes will cause death of which this is humanly impossible. It will take a jet engine to even light that amount of marijuana.

There is higher chances of death from pain relief drugs such as aspirin, as well as opium, heroin and alcohol than marijuana. As earlier stated, the lethal overdose of marijuana is not possible considering the time frame and also the inhumane amount to be consumed. An individual can only get ‘green out’ or pass out if he has consumed beyond his or her capacity or tolerance level, this is called being overdose non-lethally. The highest one can do when they get green out is to vomit or begin to hallucinate and not be at the liberty to move their body that much. Finally, marijuana has a way of overworking the body system, for example the heart works harder when an individual smokes marijuana regardless of the amount of marijuana smoked as it subtly affects the rates and rhythms of the heart. Now to the fact, as ruled from Drug Enforcement Agency administrative judge, an individual can only die from an overdose of marijuana if the marijuana rolled into a cigarette is consumed in its 20,000 or 40,000 in fifteen minutes which of course is not physically possible for any human being to do.