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Fact 018: In 1970, Bill Murray Jokingly Said To A Fellow Passenger That He Had Two Bombs In His Bag. U.S. Marshals Searched His Luggage And Found US$20,000 Worth Of Marijuana. Murray Was Apprehended

September 21, 1970 was a memorable day for the comedian Bill Murray as an innocent joke gone bad was what landed him behind bars when a ticket agent mistaken his humor and summoned the United States marshal. After a family birthday get together in Chicago, all packed and prepared Murray was ready to fly back to Regis College to resume his pre-med studies at O’Hare International Airport. Conversing with one of the passengers jokingly, that in his suitcase was two bombs, afraid he would get caught, young Murray tried stashing it away in a locker but the odds were not in his favor, it was too late as the United States marshal found and apprehended him. When searched the U.S. marshal found two pound of five solid bricks of marijuana which totaled ten pounds of marijuana worth US$20,000 which is worth about six times of that in this present economy (approximately $117,000). The suitcase was searched in the hope to find explosives but the U.S. marshals were rather disappointed. Right before his suitcase was confiscated, young Bill Murray managed to swallow one of his evidence of payment i.e. a check from one of his customers. Murray later commented years after that that particular customer owes his reputation and life to Murray. According to a news brief, the police were aware of Bill Murray’s attempt to transport that amount of marijuana. The police said they have been hinted about the transport but waited for the perfect time to arrest him at the airport. Chances are even if young Murray did not say a word, he will be searched and arrested that same night before boarding the plane to Denver.

Charged with the possession of an illegal drug such as marijuana, Murray was made to appear in court of narcotics the next day after the incident and pleaded guilty to the charges of dug count against him. Owing to the fact that, that was his first ever criminal act, young Bill Murray was saved from jail time but placed under a five year probation was the sentence of Bill Murray at age 20 for misdemeanor conviction. This made his career at school of pre-med studies appear blur to him that after much deliberation with his family, he opted to drop out of college before the school got to know about his criminal record and also before his offence does that for him. Even though he forced a door closed on himself being a doctor, he found the superstar in him. However, marijuana and alcohol has been two of his best buddies, he even acts the character of someone under the influence of these two. Although, Murray has starred in several movies, his escapades have always had a link to marijuana and alcohol which has cost him two wives and movie-features.