Fact 008: Marijuana is legal and is not even classified as a drug in North Korea

There has been a lot of conspiracy as regards Marijuana being legal in North Korea. North Korea is not a haven for stoners where they can get high peacefully and not be apprehended or brought to law because of it. North Korea is very swift with their judgement. There is no truth whatsoever to the claim that Marijuana is legal in North Korea, still it is on the same penal code list as heroin and cocaine as a controlled substance.  However, the only widely grown green is hemp, it is densely grown wild in the mountainous region of the north it contains no THC but also sold out as a cheap substitute for tobacco after it has been picked and properly dried. There is a very high probability that when this hemp is smoked, individuals cannot get high, you can only puff out smoke. Hemp is cultivated and grown to produce some beneficial household consumer goods such as cooking oils, towels, T-shirts, noodles, even uniforms for military men. It is also a feed for rabbit which is a livestock reared for consumption. The hemp grown in North Korea is very low in THC as compared to other cannaboid species such as sativa as well as indica. The hemp is useless if the end use is for medicinal, recreation or for the purpose of getting stoned. There is an official sanction to the growing of hemp in North Korea.

The male plant species of hemp is grown as it does not reproduce buds unlike the female plants which is often preferred by people who wants to utilize it for recreation purposes. The hemp grown in North Korea is has been further processed into marketable products that are environmentally friendly as well as perfect for the 21st century. Although there are varieties of hemp species grown in North Korea but all these species generally have a low THC content. In Pyongyang, a mix of greenish and brown leafy tobacco which is most likely to be confused as marijuana is openly sold out in the public. North Korea is a country strict with laws and dispense the consequences of breaking any enacted law to the latter, the sales or import of cannabis or marijuana is highly prohibited as it bags jail time or in some grievous cases death.

Finally, it is very important to get your facts right, marijuana is not legal in North Korea, only useful environmental friendly hemp is cultivated under official sanction. It is a very grievous offence in North Korea as there is a jail term penalty if this law is not adhered to. Hemp is a substitute to tobacco and its publicly sold but if you are of the hope of getting high, you will be disappointed as it is very low in THC. North Korea is not to be referred to as a weed paradise that is legally approved. There is no truth to the fact that marijuana is legal and not classified as drug in North Korea.

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