Fact 001: Marijuana Is Safer Than Tobacco And Alcohol

Making use of a novel method to calculate the danger of morality that is associated with using different illegal and legal drugs, scientists confirmed that studies showed that: Alcohol is most dangerous, while Marijuana has the lowest risk.

According to this study, when it was carried out individually, drinking alcohol has the highest chances of death, seconded by cocaine, heroin, and nicotine, showing that the dangers of boozing have been likely underestimated over time. Marijuana was detected to pose the lowest of risk and joined with previous researches that has constantly ranked it as the most safe recreational drug. However, the government might not be pleased to hear this, it shows the need to make use of scientific evidences to create policies that will guide the use of illicit and licit drugs.

It looks like a significant part of the world have had their minds concluded a long time ago about the risks of illegal drugs. This, along with the fact that it is not easy to know and group the danger of drug abuse in individuals, means that there are some studies that scientists have compared the risks of various drugs. In addition, since illicit drug abuse is termed a very big issue to the environment than making use of other dangerous substance, like alcohol and some prescription drugs, that are known, governments have in turn made use of restrictive policies which are mostly not based on educated and emotion guesses.

In spite of the difficulties, some studies have taken the step to study the risks posed by different drugs, like studying how toxic and addictive they are as regards chronic and acute use, but these have brought about criticism because some conclusions might have been subjective instead of scientific. In order to correct these problems, scientists invented a new risk assessment method, named the “Margin of Exposure” (MOE) method. Simply put, this shows the ratio between the amount of dose that brings adverse effects and the dose that people normally use. The drugs that were taken into consideration were cannabis, alcohol, amphetamine, MDMA, heroin, nicotine, and methadone.

According to scientific reports, scientists found out that, at an individual level of usage, four substances were termed as highly dangerous: alcohol, cocaine, heroin and nicotine. The others were grouped under what they called ‘danger’ category. However, should we view the dangers from the population perspective instead of the individual, only alcohol was known to involve high risk. As described in the results, cannabis is about 114 times less deadly compared to alcohol and it was also the only drug that poses a lower risk of death among the examined drugs.

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