Fact 009: Medicinal Marijuana is considered Kosher in some cases by Judaism

In the Jewish religion known as Judaism, several Rabbis have opposed against the use of marijuana for recreational purposes as it limits individual’s ability to enforce his or her own freewill, impairs individual’s judgment, tampers with individual’s sense or reasoning amongst others. The Jewish law frowns against the use of marijuana for selfish reasons because it prevents such individual from performing effectively his or her religious obligations most importantly prayer. Although marijuana has been discovered to be an analgesic for people who suffer from illnesses like glaucoma, arthritic pain, weight and appetite loss related to AIDS, patients receiving chemotherapy amongst other life threatening health conditions. However, the Jewish laws sanctions the profane use of Shabbat for seriously sick individuals, medicinal marijuana is kosher for Jews that can be smoked and distributed so long it is done legally. Judaism has a concept that is legal for life and health trumps all. The medium by which medical marijuana is ingested is via smoking and several health institution says there is an implication of smoking as it is dangerous and likely to be cancerous, but the Jewish religion says that if it will relieve the pain suffered by an individual then it is pardonable when prescribed by a medical practitioner to help alleviate any kind of life threatening illness even though there is a risk it is likely to shorten a patient’s life so long it can give relief to the patient.

A number of Rabbis affirms and support the use of medical marijuana prescribed by a medical practitioner and also purchased legally so as to ease the pain suffered by an individual. Some of these Rabbis and experts in Jewish history likened it to medical morphine, because it is medically approved for certain medical conditions. However, it is advised to be legally regulated and be put in the same category as drugs like morphine and oxycontin. Compared to other main faiths that are monotheistic Judaism is in support of the use of medicinal marijuana as long as it will help preserve a life or stop the inflicted pain an individual is suffering from even if it means going against the Jewish laws via a principle called pikauch nefesh.

In conclusion, a Jewish rabbi explains that in the situation of life and death, The Jewish law sets aside the medicinal use of Kosher, however in some cases it is often recommended that kosher should be a certified medicine. Kosher used for medicinal purposes is not considered a sinful act nor a chet but what is considered as mitzvah, kosher is very much similar to alternative drugs that can be found and purchased in hospitals or registered pharmaceutical stores and if properly administered medically and is proven to have no side effect on the patient. Asides that, it is advised that any Jew in a foreign land should respect and adhere to the laws, if kosher is prohibited then such law should not be conflicted against.

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