Liquid Gold Products Tincture


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  • 10ml bottle (200drops) – 1 drop = 1 mg THC or 1 mg CBD
  • Organic, Non GMO, Lab Tested, Pesticide Free, Solvent Free
  • Gluten Free
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The 200mg Tincture from Liquid Gold Extracts is the ultimate concentrate to get you medicated and feeling good. This product is cost effective while remaining potent. Use: use dropper to orally consume. Try one drop and wait an hour to see how it affects you before dosing higher. Available in CBD, Indica and Sativa.

  • CBD Isolate Tincture 200mg pure CBD made with avocado oil
  • Guava Sativa Tincture 200mg THC made with coconut oil
  • MKU Indica Tincture 200mg THC made with coconut oil

CBD Isolate Tincture, Guava Sativa Tincture, MKU Indica Tincture