Smyle Shake N’ Spray (125mg/bottle)


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You shake it, spray it, and Smyle! It’s that easy!

  • Each spray is dosed to 2.4 mg.
  • Comes in three flavours: Winter, Orange & Lemon-Lime
  • Canadian made
  • Gluten Free
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Shake it… Spray it… Smyle 🙂

Smyle sublingual Shake n Spray takes the traditional tincture concept to a whole new level with this great tasting, fast acting, accurately dosed, effective way to medicate on the go! Each spray is dosed to 2.4 mg, giving you the freedom to dose as necessary anywhere you are, without worrying about the stigma traditionally associated with cannabis product.

Comes in three flavours: Winter, Orange, and Lemon-Lime

THC Distillate Spray: Contains 125mg bud run THC distillate
CBD Isolate Spray: Contains 125mg hemp derived CBD

Ingredients: THC distillate, coconut extract, natural & artificial flavours


Lemon Lime – 125mg CBD, Lemon Lime – 125mg THC Distillate, Orange – 125mg CBD, Orange – 125mg THC Distillate, Winter – 125mg CBD, Winter – 125mg THC Distillate

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