Beast Mode OG


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THC 19.41% CBD 1.07%

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Beast Mode OG was first believed to be a Girl Scout Cookies cut, but after growing it out it became apparent that this strain was either an exceptional phenotype of OG Kush or it was an OG-dominant hybrid of some kind. The strain was dubbed Beast Mode OG after tasting and testing showed that the potent effects induced a powerful punch similar to the running style of NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, nicknamed Beast Mode. The strain itself stays true to OG genetics with a pungent, sweet, piney Kush aroma that provides a balance between indica and sativa effects. Beast Mode OG is a great mood elevator and serves as a great answer to stress and body pain.

THC 19.41% CBD 1.07%


Gram, Half Ounce(14g), Ounce(28g), Eigth(3.5g), Half Gram (0.5g), Quarter(7g)

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