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Miss Envy Personal Lubricant: Canna Sutra


Miss Envy Botanicals’ 100% organic personal lubricant will bring you and your partner to a higher level of intimacy.

Specially formulated to enhance the female orgasm with a unique blend of essential oils, intensifying and elongating the experience with a warm tingling sensation. Canna Sutra’s personal lubricant also acts as a natural male enhancement aid by prolonging stamina while providing a stimulating sensation.

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Ingredients: Coconut oil, jojoba oil, ylang ylang oil, lavender oil, THC.

Suggested Use: Apply lubricant to desired area for comfortable physical intimacy.

Warning: Oil based lubricants can wear down latex condoms.

Each 30 ml bottles contains 420 mg of THC.

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    This one is for the ladies! It changes EVERYTHING, this lubricant is delightful!! I will tell my girlfriends more details about the experience but I won’t kiss and tell on here!
    Gentlemen, I would highly recommend using this without telling your special lady that it is infused, just let her think you’re a magician. ;D

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