OG2 Cartridge 2

OG Four 2.0 Cartridge



OG Four 2.0 Pen Style Vape is a clean alternative to ceramic and titanium atomizers. This cartridge kit is intended for use with said pen, and also uses the OG Four 2.0 incredible lava-quartz technology for impeccable concentrate flavor and low temperature rips.

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┬áThe OG Four 2.0 Cartridge Kit comes with a mouthpiece, an orange polycarbonate heating chamber, one single coil lava-quartz atomizer, and one double coil lava-quartz atomizer. If you’re a fan of the OG Four 2.0 lava-quartz technology, no doubt you’ll want to stock up on one of these cartridge kits so that you’re never without!
  • 510 Threading
  • Discreet
  • Made for Waxy Oils
  • Medical Grade
  • Made for concentrates
  • Removable Mouthpiece
  • 3 inches
  • Portable
  • Quartz


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