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Skunk is one of the oldest brands of hemp rolling papers currently available in the marketplace. Originally launching in 1995, Skunk papers hit the market with instant success. The Skunk character, Stinky, has become almost a household name for many roll your own enthusiasts.

These papers are made in Spain, using only 100% natural hemp. They burn very evenly and slowly and will definitely impress anyone who rolls one up.


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Skunk Brand is one of the oldest brands of hemp papers in the marketplace. When it was launched in 1994 it took the market by surprise and carved out a longstanding niche for itself. The SKUNK character “Stinky” is very well known and has even been on its own line of clothing. Skunk papers are made in Alcoy Spain of pure hemp. They burn nice and slowly and have a very loyal customer base. The Skunk concept comes from the experiences of its creator, Orion. Orion was an avid RYO smoker and kept getting shunned wherever he went. Whenever he would light a cigarette, people would pinch their noses and say “eewwwhhh, cigarettes stink would you please put that out”. He felt like a Skunk – and thus Skunk Brand was born. Skunk Brand Genuine hemp papers are available at retailers across North America.


Blackberry Skunk, Blueberry Skunk, Hawaiian Skunk, Natural Hemp, Skunkalicious, Strawberry Skunk


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