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10-150MG THC Capsules


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Extended Release (Enteric-Acid Resistant) capsules are designed to bypass the stomach acid and only dissolve once they reach the intestine. Our Enteric capsules are acid resistant by design with pH sensitive polymer incorporated into the formulation. Enteric capsules dissolve at a pH of 5.5 or higher, thus preserving many cannabinoids from being destroyed by the gastric acids. For patients who prefer a planned or extended release medicine, this type of capsule can increase bioavailability by up to 20%. Extended release capsules begin dissolving 1-2 hours after ingestion.

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THC Pills can provide the benefits of consuming cannabis without the risk factors associated with smoking it. Conditions and ailments that may be treated with thc pills include: pain, seizures, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, cancer and cancer treatment side effects (primarily chemotherapy side effects), arthritis, and headaches.

Pill form provides a vehicle for the chemicals to enter the bloodstream and deliver potent treatment favourably. When marijuana is eaten rather than smoked it also produces a stronger and longer lasting effect on the human body.

Effects can be felt within an hour, and can last up to three hours.

Capsules may vary in colour. 


100MG, 10MG, 10MG THC/ .05MG CBD, 150MG, 200MG, 25MG, 50MG, 75MG


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