Fact 010: The first thing ever bought and sold across the internet was a bag of marijuana in 1971

In 1971, there was a transaction done by Stanford university computer science student long before the existence of eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce website. Although the amount of marijuana bought and sold is unknown it was sold to some of Massachusetts institute of technology involved in the transaction or deal. This has gone down in history as the first ever commodity bought and sold online. This transaction was done with the use of ARPANET accounts at the artificial intelligence laboratory in Stanford university. Dope as it is fondly called is not a commodity that is smiled upon by government officials, individuals who engage in the sales and procurement of dope are constantly on the lookout for several secret means of communication that is not open to the eyes of the law. The fact that this trend was initiated by students and that the trend has given way to different means of drug trafficking and sales. Although there was no evidence of money exchanged electronically it is safe to say it is the first deal to be done on the internet. The advent of this trend has led to the sales of legal and illegal drugs all around the world. For marijuana and other drugs that drug law enforcement frowns upon are either publicly or privately sold on certain websites. It as also resulted into the sales of illegal drugs that are yet to be tested on lab rats but are found to be sold on some online dope marketing sites.

Without the exchange of money, or the use of credit cards, master cards or any other approved cards, a deal was only struck between the students of both learning institution as regards the cost as well as point of delivery of the bag of marijuana purchased. Staying above or ahead the law was one of the primary concern of drug dealers and drug lords then but with the existence of the internet, business has been booming as the invention of new online currency such as Bitcoin and other forms of untraceable payment medium. Online web markets is very reliable as well as very disruptive owing to the fact that they try as much as possible to be secretive with their publicity, dealings and communication, they still have quite a surprising popularity. These online drug markets provide securities both to the sellers and the buyers as it is convenient, reliable, open to variety, quality and most importantly anonymity of their online visitors and buyers as opposed to physical drug markets or stores. There’s been a lot of concerns about the growth of the online drug market as so many sharp young minds are delving and discovering new ways the product can get to anyone who is in need of it at anytime, however by law these drugs have no relation to medicine or rationality and is a serious act of civil disobedience.

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