Ways To Use Cannabis

If trying cannabis interests you but you’re hoping to opt for a smoke-free experience, you’ve entered the game in perfecting timing. The number of products helping you consume your Mary-Jane seems to go up everyday, and the forms in which you can ingest it are even more vast.

The thing that many people may not know about the term “edible” is that not all edibles are cut from the same cloth. Just because you are putting it in your mouth, doesn’t mean it’s going to give you the same result. Edible cannabis can be consumed orally which applies to cannabis that will be swallowed, or sublingually meaning they are held under the consumers tongue which will absorb directly into the bloodstream.

For the most part, if you encounter any cannabis food products like cookies or brownies they are more than likely intended to be consumed orally while if you enter the world of sprays, tinctures and oils that is where sublingual dosing comes into play.

So why choose one form of dosing over another? What is the real difference between them? Dosing methods can affect the amount of time a consumer stays high and the intensity one feels throughout. The high can also last different amounts of time depending on the way someone has consumed their cannabis. Sublingual dosing often last a shorter amount of time and offers a lower intensity than cannabis consumed orally through cannabis infused food. Orally consumed cannabis tends to take a longer time to kick-in due to it needing to be digested which can sometimes cause people to consume to much while waiting for digestion.

We have the largest selection of smoke-free options for you. So if you are hoping to opt for a smoke-free experience next time, edibles could be the way to go.